A Crack in the Works

But as the rainy and troublesome weekend is historic Spa progressed, emotions in the paddock escalated, culminating in an unexpected turn of events during the Belgian Grand Prix that left a crack in a seemingly perfect team set-up.

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A Ring of Surprises

Excitement was bound to be on the cards, but hardly anyone expected the emergence of a potential black horse that almost threw the leading Silver Arrow squad off the podium throne – not least the team in question themselves.

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Chinese whisperers

The qualifying for the fourth grand prix of 2014 suggested a shift in the power-bearing on the Formula 1 grid as the standing champions Red Bull were looking strong to secure their second podium of the year and make another step closer to their former winning ways. But the classification leaders Mercedes tamed the Bulls (and the Prancing Horse) to claim yet another win and extend their lead over the competitors further.

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