Signs of old and new

After a rather non-eventful Australian Grand Prix came two more races of 2017: in China and Bahrain. Were they any more telling as to how the rest of the season might unfold? To a degree…

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Grand Prix of Firsts

But, without a doubt, it is the demise of Mercedes after a weekend – or rather a season and a half – of clear domination that is bound to place the Hungarian Grand Prix 2015 among the most memorable races on recent years.

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Careful what you wish for

Following a lame start to the 2015 season in Australia, where there was more interest in mid-grid action than the race leader, the Malaysian Grand Prix delivered a shocking result that took everyone by surprise – and sparked hope for a more interesting Formula 1 year than set out in Melbourne. And it only took one suggestion from Nico Rosberg at a post-race conference….

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