News Flash: Brawn says he’s retired – but “passion” might return

Published in The Press and Journal, Monday February 3, 2014

Former Formula 1 team principal Ross Brawn said he was  “not ready” to return to the sport as he was enjoying his time away from the paddock.

Speaking at the official opening of the angling season on River Dee on Saturday Brawn confirmed his retirement from Formula 1 as a definite decision.

But speaking to The Press and Journal he said that he wanted to “give things time” before he decided on whether he would be making a comeback.

“I’m not ready for Formula One and I’m not sure if I will be ready again,” Brawn said.

“There’s a lot of things in life I want to do. We’ll see how it all balances out.

“If I start to get hungry and feel the passion again then we’ll see what opportunities there are.

“But I’m very happy with the stuff that I did, very happy with the career that I had and I’m happy looking forward to fishing in the Dee and other places.”

The retirement from sport allowed the former Mercedes AMG Petronas boss to commit to his favourite hobby: fishing.

“Spring is an incredibly busy time in Formula One – anytime after Christmas until the start of the season – so I’ve never had the opportunity to spend the time to come up here [River Dee] to do some fishing, and I fish more during the summer when it’s a bit quieter,” Brawn said.

“But of course this is the privilege I will be taking in the future – fishing in the Dee in spring.”

The event on River Dee came a day after the end of the first Formula One testing in the new season, in Jerez.

Asked whether he had missed the Mercedes garage at this time, Brawn said: “I kept in touch and the boys said to me occasionally what was going on.

“They seemed to have had a good test. It’s very difficult to judge the performance but the car ran well and it’s the car I want to win.

“I have a lot of very good friends there, I put a lot of time into that project and it would give me a great deal of pleasure if the team did well.

“I will be watching out for it, but I think, over time, the passions will switch.”


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